Mission Statement

The mission of Guardians Of the Children (GOC) is to recognize and react to child abuse and educate the public to do the same; to serve as advocates to provide strength and stability to families in crisis; and be an answer to the prayer of an abused child or teen for courage, support and protection.

Don’t Let Your Silence Drown Out Their Cries” 

Interworking's of GOC

We serve as a public benefit organization. Our vision is to improve the quality of life in our community by educating the public and making them aware of the steps to take in order to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to the reality of child abuse.

GOC is a Biker Organization also dedicated to protecting the victims of child abuse. Our alliances as Bikers allow us the ability to call upon resources that might not generally be available to the public at large.

We partner with Children Advocacy Agencies, Victim Assistance Groups and others to raise awareness of the prevalence of child abuse. GOC assists these agencies by being one of many resources available to them and introduce the child into our organization where it has been determined it would be beneficial in order to lend support to their family and at the same time protect that child.

Our members share a common goal in that we enjoy the open road on our iron horses and are here to convey an important message; ‘We stand as one prepared to protect this priceless resource’

"Valor, Truth & Integrity is the Guardian way"


You proclaim that you are a Guardian, by the patch you wear

Symbolizing to all that you have faith, that you are worthy and that you trust in yourself

But I wonder, have you caught the true meaning of the symbol you wear?

Why the background is black and the letters maroon or blue?

Why the shield covers the swords and the scales hang unbalanced?

Why the wings are silver as well as the border?

I tell you this, for this is who we serve

Black is for the dark times abused children live in,

Maroon and Blue for the pain they endure at the hands of others,

Silver is the lining, a ray of hope that someday the abuse will stop,

The shield and swords are our tools,

A Guardian must battle those whom oppose,

The scales are unbalanced and so will remain until such time

That justice is served on all those to blame

The archangel wings, send a message of the highest importance

“Valor, Truth and Integrity Is the Guardian Way”

Now I ponder, are you a true

Guardian of the Children

Author: Ruben "Bamm Bamm" Cano